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Useful Turkish Words

Hello Merhaba (Mer-ha-ba)
Good morning Gunaydin (Goon-ay-dun)
Good evening Iyi Aksamlar (Ee-y-Ak-sham-lar)
Good night Iyi Geceler (Ee-Gejeler)
Goodbye Hosca kalin (hosh cha Kalun)
Allahaismarladik (Allahs-mala-duhk)
If you are the person leaving
Gule gule (Gulay-Gualy)
If you are the person staying
Welcome Hos geldiniz (hosh geldiniz).
If you are the person leaving.
If you are greeted with this, the reply you should give is Hos Bulduk (Hosh bull-duhk) nice to be here,literally pleasantly found.
Excuse me Pardon (pardon) to get past
Affedersiniz (afer-dersiniz) to attract attention
Ozur dilerim (urz urr dilerim) to say sorry
How much? kac para (kach para) para = money
How many? Kac tane? (kach taneh) tane = times
How are you? Nasil-siniz? (nass-uh sun uh)
Is there any? Varmi? (varmuh) ekmek varmi? = is there any bread?
Do you speak English? Ingilizce biliyor musunuz? (engeeleejeh bill-i-yor mus-sun-uz)
Please Lutfen (Loot-fen)
Thank you Teskkur ederim (teshekur-ederum)
Thanks = Tesekkuler (teshekur-lurbr>
Or ok mersi (chok merci) thanks very much
Yes Evet (evet)
No Hayir (hi-uhr) or Yok no; there isn't any (left); literally it does not exist
Okay Taman (taman) ,
I want istiyorum (ist-i-yorum)
Pardon (me) Efendim (eff-en-dim), as in I didn't understand/hear
Where? Nerede? (nehre-deh) Topkai Muzesi nerede = hwere is the Topkapi museum
Which? Hangi? (han-guh)
Hangi otobus? = which bus
Hot Sicak (suh-jak)
Hot Aci (a-juh) = spicy
Cold Soguk (so-uk)
Bill (Hesap (hessap)
Open Acik (ajik) also means clear in terms of skies
Closed Kapali (kapalug)
Salt Tuz
Pepper Biber (bee-ber)
Oil Zetinyagi (sey-ten-yar)
Vinegar Sirke

1: Bir (beer)
2: Iki (ikee)
3: Uc(ooch)
4: Dort (dirt)
5: Bes (besh)
6: Alte (alte)
7: Yedi (yeh-di)
8: Sekiz (sekiz)
9: Dokuz (dokuz)
10: On
11: On bir
20: Yirmi
100: Yuz
1000: Bin

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Petrol Benzin (3star/regular)
Super (4 star/premium)
Kursunsuz (kur-shun-suz: lead free)
Diesel Mazaot
Fill up Doldurmak (dol-dur-mak)
Luften depoyu (de-poy oo) doldurun = Fill it up please
Tyre Lastick (lastuk)
Puncture Lastic Patlamasi (pat-lama-suh)

The Turkish words above have been written without the appropriate Turkish accents. To assit you locally a few quick rules will help you enormously as Turkish is a phonetic language:

c has a 'j' sound as in jumble
c has a 'ch' sound as in check
g is hard as in give
g is 'swallowed' and its function is to lengthen the previous vowel, so don't worry about it.
j is a soft sound as the 's' in pleasure
s is always like 'ss' in miss
s is 'sh' as in shi[

Place names in Turkey are rather like Welsh ones in that they are desciptive of the location. Koy means place. Yesil is green. There are a lot of villages Yesilkoy. Etc.

If you sneeze then someone will say Cok Yasa (Many lives); the reply that you should give is Sendegot (And you to see them).